Your Choice, Your Sweet

Your choice your sweet

Sweethandi is all about nostalgia, kolkata and sweets. We understand Kolkata has sweet shops in the nook and corner of the city and it is not really feasible to list each and everyone of them in our site. There are premium shops, there are corner shops and then there are your favourite shops. There are sweet shops which may be only you can relate and bring you those lovely memories of your childhood or growing up.

Sweethandi endeavours to bring you those memories with our new addition¬†“Your Choice, Your Sweet”

How it works:

1. You write to us at the sweet shop name and the sweet you want.

2. We revert back to you if we can deliver the sweet to you and the price tag of the same.

3. You make the payment through our online channels

4. We ship the same to you.

5. You enjoy with your memories and love and roam down the memory lane